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Advanced technolgy helping you get well and stay well.

Digital X-rays

Our clinic has a state of the art, erect postural digital x-ray unit. This allows for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment management available on the Sunshine Coast. There is no more need to be referred to the radiology clinic. All our x-rays are reported by 2 radiologists. A specialist Chiropractic radiologist and a medical radiologist. Any x-rays and reports can be requested at any time.


The QROM is new tool to analyze spinal function using computerised sensors (dual inclinometry). This device allows us to accuratly test the spinal range of motion in a patient to determine exactly what is dysfunctioning, why and by how much. This new technology also allows us to monitor a patients progress like never before.

Physiotherapists AND Chiropractors

Our clinics have 3 Chiropractors and 3 Physiotherapists who work together to get the best results on each and every patient.